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The 6 Berth Essentials Starter Pack


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Everything you need to get started!


6 x White dinner plates
6 x White side plates
6 x White cereal bowls
6 x White mugs
6 x Cutlery sets consisting of: Knife, fork, dessert spoon and teaspoon
6 x Glass tumblers
6 x Stainess steel egg cups
1 x Glass fridge jug 1 litre
1 x Lancashire peeler
1 x Corkscrew
1 x Can opener
1 x Stainless steel 4 way coloured grater
1 x Plastic chopping board 8x12''
1 x Wooden knife block including scissors
1 x Black nylon utensil set
1 x Wooden spoon
1 x Plastic colander
1 x Plastic measuring jug 1 litre
1 x Plastic mixing bowl
1 x Glass casserole dish 1.25 litre
1 x Non-stick roasting tin
1 x Non-stick saucepan set 2pc
1 x Non-stick frying pan
1 x Cutlery tray
1 x Washing up bowl
1 x Plastic 10 litre bucket
1 x Broom and handle
1 x Dust pan and brush
1 x Plastic swing bin 8 litre
1 x Toilet brush and holder
1 x Metal mesh room bin

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